Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


… And I Have No Home Shopping Privacy

If you have ever felt this way when viewing homes with your agent, you probably were being watched by the sellers. Your audio may have been recorded as well.

With the popularity of doorbell cameras and whole-home security cameras, sellers are watching your every move. Some sellers will watch for you to walk up to the front door and then unlock the door remotely. They know exactly how long you were there and if your agent left before you did. Yes, we have had sellers call to let us know it was very unsettling that the agent left before the potential buyer because the buyer sat in the driveway for a while after the agent had already left.

Inside the home, the security devices are not as easy to spot as they once were.

Technology has come a long way! Be very mindful of what you discuss because chances are, you are also being audio recorded as well. You could very well hurt your negotiations if you talk too much inside the home. Does this stink? It absolutely does! Especially for the personality types that make decisions on feelings. It’s tough to keep the excitement in! On the other hand, you also don’t want to offend the seller if you just don’t like their house. Remember, talking about someone’s home can be just as bad as calling their baby ugly.

What can you do as a buyer?

The only suggestion we have to protect your home shopping privacy is to always assume you will be recorded. Treat each home you visit with respect. Remember, you are visiting someone else’s safe space. Take your time and look at all you need to home shop to make your decision but remember to take your conversations to the car, whether it be with your buying partner or your agent. I guess what we are trying to say is treat the space as you would want someone handling your space.

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