What does getting a "deal" on a home purchase mean to you?

Now that we have begun to enter into a buyer's market I have been hearing many prospective buyers talk about wanting to get a "deal" on their purchase. What exactly does that mean to you? Let's explore some of the "deal" options you may encounter.


This is the first thing most people think of when they think of getting a deal in real estate. They want to know that they purchased a house for far less than not only the appraised value but less than fair market value. In reality, these types of deals just happen when there is a foreclosure that has occurred or possibly someone that has a lot of equity that needs to sell quickly to keep for losing the home or has had a drastic life…

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December 2018 Market Stats

Median Sales Price in Ascension was $239,850. That is a little drop from November but still higher than December of 2017 then the median sales price in Ascension was $224,500. In November, the homes that sold were on the market for 65 days vs. the 69 days in December. Sellers were still able to walk away with 98.25% of their asking price. There seems to have been a little push to buy before the end of the year because our inventory dropped to only 3.93 months from the 4.5 months of inventory we had in November.

This leaves us with 614 homes on the market in Ascension Parish with a median list price of $275,000.

Fun Fact: Check out the homes in Ascension Parish that are on the market for over $1,000,000

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