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A licensed home inspector will give you detailed information about the overall health of the home. The home inspection will include an in-depth, unbiased look at your potential new home. Here are a few things you should know.

inspector looking at flooring in baton rouge home

  1. Every home should be inspected
    Otherwise, you are relying on the seller to inform you of any deficiencies the home may have. In many cases, the seller isn’t even aware of these deficiencies. This includes new construction. Remember, humans, are still building houses. Mistakes happen.
  2. You hire the inspector
    Your real estate agent will have recommendations of inspectors they use consistently. It is still your right to choose and hire the inspector.
  3. It takes more than 30 minutes
    A typical home inspection of a 2,000 sq ft home will take about 2 hours. Don’t rush the inspector. We advise that you come during the last 30 minutes of the home inspection so that the inspector can do their investigation uninterrupted and then he/she will share with you his findings when the inspection is complete.
  4. These are things your inspector will do
    * walk on the roof
    * go into the crawl space and attic 
    * remove the HVAC and electrical panel covers to see what’s inside 
    * check all electrical outlets and switches 
    * open and close all windows and doors 
    * examine the insides of closets and the undersides of stairs 
    * check walls, ceilings, and floors for defects 
    * check water pressure and drain function in plumbing fixture 
    * flush toilets to make sure they work
    * check chimneys and flues to be sure they work
    * check the exterior of the home for signs of weather damage, decay, and settling
  5. Once the inspector is finished
    They will go over their findings with you. Some of our area inspectors will print out a report on-site while others will send you an email that evening or the next morning. They will all walk the house with you and show you their findings and go over any questions you may have. This is your time to ask questions!
  6. You can ask the seller for repairs
    If the inspector has found something that is concerning to you, you can ask the seller for repairs. Remember though; this is not the time to renegotiate your contract. We do recommend asking for items that are of health or safety-related or a detriment to the function of the house.
  7. You are not bound to the contract yet
    In the Greater Baton Rouge area, when you ask for repairs, the seller has 72 hours to respond to your request. When the seller responds, you then have 72 hours to respond to their response. If they are not willing to make the repairs you have asked for, you now have the right to cancel your contract, receive your deposit back and start your home search over.
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