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Katrina Bell

I am Katrina Bell.
Born and raised in Mandeville, LA, I went to Xavier University of Louisiana on a cross country and track scholarship. I received my B.S. in chemistry with a minor in biology. I made a decision (with the incredible support of my husband) that I was more needed at home to take care of our special needs daughter than any plant or company could need my newly-acquired expertise. In 2012 I fell in love with all things Crossfit. As an athlete, everything about it appealed to me, and I’m still a proud fan and practitioner. My drive and determination however begged for another outlet, and so I dove into the field of real estate. After 12 years of being a stay at home mom, working again felt as natural as breathing, or lifting kettlebells.

My life as an athlete taught me never to give up, no matter how hard the journey gets. My beautiful daughter taught me to always, always listen to the needs of others first. I hope always to do both for my clients.

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Office Phone 225-243-7277
Cellphone 225-313-5080

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