Kristina Cusick, REALTOR®, CRS, Broker/Owner

I am Kristina Cusick - broker/owner of Town & Parish Realty.

I believe that housing is the single most important aspect of any healthy community and that we, as real estate professionals, have an obligation that extends far beyond any given transaction. After all, that house we help find for our clients becomes their home, in some cases for generations. It will see kids and grandkids grow up. It may help pay for their education or their very first home to raise their families in. It will also become a part of a community, a part of the neighborhood landscape if you will. And as such, I make sure that all our agents understand the far-reaching impact of their daily jobs. And that they do everything they can for each of our buyer clients to find that perfect for them fit with just the right trees, parks, people, shops - whatever it is that will make them fully belong in their new home.

And when it comes to selling a home, Town & Parish agents get the job done brilliantly, but compassionately. We know to tread softly through the spaces where your memories were made because all of us have been there. We know what it’s like to let go of something that is indescribably meaningful when life demands that we make a change and that it is rarely just about the money. So our agents will be there with you every step of the way, offering help, advice, expertise, and even hugs when needed. Our home marketing speaks for itself (or you can click here: and we are fantastic at hugs.

Lastly, when I embarked on this journey of starting my own brokerage, I wanted to create a place where agents were not just able to achieve their financial goals, but where the very experience of being a part of it was joyful. Our bright and shiny color scheme is but a small reflection of that desire. I strive always to offer the best tools to make it easier for our agents to do right by their clients. I am actively involved in the industry, always learning and always sharing, freely.

Because ultimately, I believe the happiest people are the ones who are brilliantly good at their jobs. My job is to help each of our agents be their most brilliant.

Office Location: 16044 Hwy 73, Ste 102B, Prairieville
Office Phone Number: 225-243-7277

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