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We are hiring New and Experienced Louisiana Agents

When Town & Parish Realty was being born, my vision was a much needed update to the traditional brokerage.  I wanted to be a brokerage like no other. Offer things that others didn't and be a resource for our agents. My dream for Town & Parish Realty was for it to be a brokerage that was agent-centric and took things off of the agent plate so that the agents could do what they do best. Take care of their clients.

To be a Town & Parish Agent you have to love where you live as much as we do. We Love our communities and work tirelessly to promote them in their best light. We are Incurably local, a trusted advisor in our community. You also have to love your clients. Going above and beyond is a Hallmark feature of a Town & Parish Agent. You will hear us talk about Surprise and Delighting your client a lot.

Real Estate is a rewarding career yet demands that you have a strong will to succeed. Below are just a few of the ways we will offer to achieve just that:

    Our website was built to generate leads, and each of our agents receives their own site that they can personalize to show their own style and personality. We work hard to keep it Search Engine Optimized, and the CRM that is included is one of the best in the industry. We also offer personalized links to our exclusive Neighborhood Quiz so that agents have yet another tool in their toolbox to help them meet new clients. Of course, none of this is extra to you. It is all included in our low monthly roster fee.

    When creating Town & Parish Realty, I thought a lot about how they would impact our agent. My goal is to get every agent to 95% in earnings while keeping as much money in their pockets as possible.
    Our splits begin at 70/30 with the potential to reach 95%. The commission splits reset every year on your Town & Parish Anniversary.

    At Town & Parish Realty, we know this career is filled with endless possibilities and limitless income if you are willing to put in the time and effort. It is our commitment to you to help keep you accountable and stay on track. We are here to provide support, tools, skills, and knowledge to help YOU grow YOUR business,

    You will find beautiful and constantly evolving marketing campaigns and collateral that we feel represent not only the brokerage but more importantly, our agents. Our new listing postcards command attention in mailboxes, and our greeting cards are not the stock real estate photos everyone else uses. We demand that our marketing is as local as we are and that it shines a light on our area. Our neighborhood cards are exclusive to us, and our buyers absolutely love them. The buyer guides we provide our agents are something your buyers will absolutely read. We are incredibly proud of our marketing and are committed to keeping it fresh and innovative. All of this is included in our monthly roster fee, so there is no extra cost to you.

    Our office is available to every agent to use at their convenience. There are several seating options ranging from desks to work tables to our beautiful conference room. The conference room is equipped with a big screen tv so that you can stream your laptop when meeting with clients. Our office is also available for agent led client appreciation events and non-profit events. We are conveniently located in Prairieville in a beautiful new office park with two mortgage companies, a title company, a builder and an insurance agent. Talk about convenience for your clients!

  • SWAG
    No one will ever have enough Town & Parish swag! And it’s for everyone! Take a coffee mug, some branded coffee, and notecard to your new clients, or grab a notebook and pen as you go out to tour homes with your buyer, at no cost to you! Our swag closet stays stocked with sunglasses, tech cloths, solo cups, stadium cups, yard signs reminding passers-by to slow down, and more. We love nothing more than seeing our beautiful logo everywhere so, please, spread the love!

    Our technology is usable and fabulous as well as being state of the art. Look, we like all the shiny things just like you do, but we have done our homework and chosen only the best for you. Of course, this is no extra cost to you; it's all included in our monthly roster fee. We will take the time to teach you the platforms during your onboarding sessions and of course, will be here to help with questions along the way. If you have tools that you are already using and love, feel free to continue to use those! Meet our technology partners:

    • Real Estate Webmasters (REW) - REW provides Town & Parish's websites, agent's websites, blog, CRM, and backend support. We are committed to providing the best online experience for our agent's and their clients. REW makes sure that we are always on the leading edge with our online experience.

    • Ha Media - Ha Media has developed our branding and continues to make us look good from our business cards, to our signage, to our online listing portal. The online listing portal is there to spotlight your listings and another tool for you to use on your listing presentations.

    • Tomson-Burnham - We have the exclusivity of the Greater Baton Rouge Area for our Neighborhood Quiz. Agents are given a personalized link so they can generate their own leads as they wish.

    • Slack - Slack is the primary way we communicate. No more emails clogging up your inbox or reply-all chains you can't remove yourself from. You can search for specific topics, ask for help, offer help, or have a private conversation all within an app or desktop application. We can't wait to share our Slack Channels with you!

    • MailChimp - Bi-Weekly newsletters are written for you to send your database. You can send them as written or personalize them. Either way, we have done the heavy lifting for you. It's a great way to stay in front of your database.

    • G-Suite Apps - Our professional email management system is provided to each agent with a private email address. You have access to calendars, email, and file storage at no additional cost to you. We keep the Brokerage calendar up to date and give you access to the brokerage file storage through the G-Suite, so you always have access to the information you need.

 If this intrigues you, we would love to talk to you!  Send us a confidential email and let's set up a time to chat!

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